Your home is one of the most expensive investments you will make. Why do so many homeowners wait until something quits working, breaks or springs a leak before they act?

Square Ft Property Improvements works to identify and correct minor maintenance needs before they become costly repair situations. Something as simple as a leaking drain left unchecked can become a damaged cabinet, rotten sub-floor, and hazardous mold growth potentially costing thousands of dollars to repair.

Square Ft Property Improvements has prepared a comprehensive residential property maintenance program for home owners who may not have the time, desire, physical ability, or expertise to perform ongoing home maintenance and repair tasks themselves. 

We specialize in residential renovations, additions and the 203K renovation program


  • Customizable: You decide on what items or tasks you want to take care of, if any…and we’ll take care of rest. For the “frequent traveler”, “seasonal resident” and “landlord” offers a blend of maintenance and caretaker functions. Your annual maintenance program can be designed around your lifestyle and specific needs.
  • Staffed with skilled, friendly, reputable and on time professionals: Our services are provided by a select team of skilled professional tradesman. We schedule your regular home maintenance service well in advance. You’ll always know ahead of time when our courteous, personnel will arrive to take care of in-home maintenance. We encourage your feedback! You will have the peace of mind, knowing that your home is well cared for, by a team of professionals who are satisfied when you are.
  • One call for all maintenance, repair and renovations: When unscheduled needs arise, help is just one call away. Additionally, we will work along side you as your personal general contractor. If your needs are beyond our scope of expertise, we will work on your behalf to secure the best resource and negotiate the best price.
  • As people and their home age, services would grow: We will help you determine and schedule your future home modifications, renovations or replacement needs. Besides, who is better prepared to assist you than your personal team of professionals familiar with your home and your specific needs in mind.

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